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Simply create your photographer profile and post your newsworthy photos and captions. Demotix then automatically posts those images to its news feed, so that news outlets like the New York Times, Huffington Post and others can choose the photos they want to use. Online tools can help anyone with a camera submit their photos to media outlets. If you already have photojournalism skills, then you will have an advantage over amateur photographers, because your photos will likely be of better quality and composition.

Street photography — Again, street photography isn’t photojournalism unless it pertains to a news story or hot current topic. For instance, street photography of homeless people could be linked to a news story about the growing homelessness problem in America’s largest cities. As you may imagine, journalism and photojournalism also differ in the kinds of skills that they require. They need to be able to interview key players in order to reveal the story.

An introduction to photography climaxing in a photo contest. Allows instructor to bring in newspaper or other photographers to share their skills. It is okay to assume that someone viewing and reading one photo have viewed and read the captions of the previous photos since they likely are in a specific order that tells a story.

They should be familiar with related photography genres including street photography, as well as photography concepts and practices related to composition, lighting, exposure and more. A photojournalist can’t be successful unless she knows how to use her camera quickly in any given situation, and how to complete some basic image editing and post-processing. Today it can be even harder to tell truth from half-truth with the rise of citizen journalists who are not bound by the ethics and rules of traditional print journalists. Like we said earlier, everyone these days has a camera phone, which makes everyone a potential photojournalist. Many also consider photojournalism more objective and truthful than journalism, though this is a debatable claim. Written stories can be given a personal or political slant by the journalist to appeal to certain groups of people.

Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy. Intrude on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see. A look at a century of New York photographs by The Times’s staff photographers.

You can search through profiles of photographers and the search results to find an image and use it according to the individual restrictions in place. Flickr is well-established in the photojournalism community as a Creative Commons platform – but it calls itself an ‘online photo management and sharing application’. There are more than just images available too, you can also find literary works, videos, audio and other research. For images, head to the search function and use keywords to find what you are looking for. You can also narrow the search by filtering by commercial or modified use, and there are other filters on the search results page – a useful one is the drop down menu to filter by specific licences. The problem with stock image sites is that they can quickly become quite one-note and generic.

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